ORLEANS Streetscape Plan

Follow the headings below to see the conceptual plans for the five sites in the Cape Commission's Village Center Streetscape Plan The OCP will develop each site in the coming seasons. 

Watch our Village Center come alive as we build the cultural campus where each of us can live, work and play, contributing to the environmental, cultural and economic vibrancy of Orleans.

Project One - Cove Road Walkway 

Connecting Main Street to Cove Road

From Theory to Design: OCP's Project Development Team Makes the Translation
Lead by Joy Cumings, David Lyttle & Todd Thayer

Special Project Opportunity: 

Old Firehouse Community Center

When the license to occupy the currently vacant building adjacent to the Orleans Chamber of Commerce came up, the OCP, led by Steve Bornemeier and the Project Development Committee, negotiated an initial 6-month term with the Town. The Old Firehouse Community Center Project Team will develop a long-range plan so that the building can be used to host public organizations' activities, "pocket-size" exhibits, meetings, receptions and other events which fulfill the broad mission of the OCP. Use of Parish Park can be included seasonally and permitted by the Town on an event by event basis. As work on this project proceeds, more materials will be posted.

The remaining projects will be phased in as opportunities arise. They are presented below without respect to start dates or phase order, as that has yet to be determined. Concept drawings from the Cape Commission's Streetscape plan are suggestions and ideas to launch our thinking about the Village Center. 

Project Two: Main Street and Route 6A

Project Three: Main Street and Route 28

Project Four: Along Main Street

Project Five: Depot Square

Unifying Design Elements in all of Orleans

The Streetscape Committee, was formed in consultation with the Town Planer, comprised of members from the Architectural Review, Preservation and Planning Boards as well as the Orleans Improvement Association and the OCP.  Working since 2012, they have chosen elements to be used, endorsed by the Board of Selectmen, as a "palette" of materials and street furniture, to give a unifying presence to projects proceeding from the Village Center out to all parts of Orleans. These elements were suggested by the following references in the Cape Cod Commission's Streetscape plan.

Specific Design Elements  designated by the Orleans Streetscape Standards Committee were adopted by the Board of Selectmen in 2012